“Old Friends Old Memories” by George Becker

Amplifying his patriotic roots and his heart for country music, George Becker has released his single “Old Friends Old Memories,” available everywhere now. The NJ based singer has toured all over the country, including cities like Nashville, Chicago, and more. Becker is proud genre bender, taking influence from country legends like Eric Church and rock bands like Aerosmith. His southern rock style has already garnered the singer 3 million streams across platforms.

“Old Friends Old Memories” leans into the country storytelling influence of Becker’s vast sound. He begins by setting the story in 1971 and talking about how the two have been through thick and thin with each other. Throughout the song Becker recalls some of his favorite old memories singing, “deliver papers / hoping fences / into the neighbors’ pool / we thought we were cool.”

Cowritten by George Becker and Pete Fry, when asked about writing the song Becker shared, “this Song resonates deep in my heart, written in part reflecting on my childhood and growing up with a loyal friendship that has lasted all these years.”

Production wise, it has a stripped back sound, with guitars rhythmically strumming behind Becker’s raspy unique vocals. The light picking drives the sound home by adding those signature country accents.

Overall, the song has real passion and truth to it, making it truly vulnerable. Becker is able to reminiscent on these specific memories while making them universal to anyone is lucky to have a longtime friend from childhood. If you have not yet, be sure to check out George Becker and his new single “Old Friends Old Memories,” available now!

Written by Katie Power





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