“19 (Demo Version 2)” by Mark Pulsipher

Singer-songwriter Mark Pulsipher’s latest single, “19 (demo version 2)”, is a vulnerable body of work. Dedicated to his nephew, who was tragically shot at just nineteen years old, “19” is a raw look into Pulsipher’s thoughts and emotions. Deep, profound lyrics about love, loss, and grief, along with a simple yet heartwrenching melody, Pulsipher’s “19” is a beautiful yet painful dedication to the passing of someone near and dear to his heart.

The song begins with a melancholic guitar melody reminiscent of early 2000s music. After a soothing introduction, Pulsipher’s calming vocals arrive. Lyrics about watching his nephew grow up, their memories, and all the “what ifs” flood through, making any listener cry with heartbreak. Anyone who’s experienced grief will feel the pain in Pulsipher’s voice. His lyrics are both cathartic and needed, as there is no way around grief, only through it. Grief is one of those universal experiences, and the same is true with music as it has no barriers; the love for Pulsipher’s nephew can be felt in “19,” even without lyrics.

Mark’s undeniable talent for storytelling and creating a song shines through in “19.” Not only does he put his heart and soul into the track, but from a creative standpoint, “19” checks all the boxes for a good song. It is both catchy and meaningful, which is exactly what music should be.

“19” is Mark Pulsipher’s first single in 3 years since his debut EP, “Find My Way”, which was released in October 2020. “19” was released through Pulsipher’s indie label FEAR ME NOT! RECORDS ®️ and has been available since March 14th, 2024. The date also happens to be Pulsipher’s nephew’s favorite month & date. Rest easy, this song is for you. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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