“Pain Killer” by Dawn Rix

With a big voice and an even bigger heart, singer-songwriter Dawn Rix has released her brand new track “Pain Killer,” available everywhere now. The “Little Miss Dynamite” has been captivating audiences with an unexpectedly large and strong voice coming from a smaller woman. Alongside her music, Rix is a veteran, stylist, mother, an Austism Awareness advocate, and the list goes on. Her new music endeavor is her chance to make country music in her own way. The West Virginia born singer has already received many accolades for the songs she has written. 

“Pain Killer” executes that raw storytelling that is so vulnerable in country music. Rix immediately starts off the track by singing, “I’m not looking for a hero / not looking for a friend.” She alludes that she is just looking for something or someone to numb her pain. The pain and desperation pours out of her voice as she sings the chorus and just wants her pain “to disappear.”

The instrumentals are full of rich piano and bluesy guitars, amplifying the heartbreak that Rix is feeling. The production launches us into this romantic yet tragic chorus, it has glimmers of hope but overall is filled with doubt. 

Overall, Rix’s voice is a stand out on the track, her emotion is second to none and the production rallies around her. She is able to showcase this thoughtful, modern writing – touching on a subject that one might not expect from a female country singer. Rix has already caught the attention of many, and she’ll only build her audience bigger as more discover her amazing voice.  

Written by Katie Power





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