“Empty Bed” by Humble Hefe

R&B/hip-hop artist Humble Hefe’s new single, “Empty Bed,” is both emotional and catchy; the fun-loving track is told from the POV of someone missing their ex, focusing on the empty side of their bed. Although it may seem like a minor issue in the grand scheme of a relationship ending, that empty side of the bed is a trigger that many of us can relate to. 

“Empty Bed” begins with a sultry instrumental, when vocals showcasing Hefe’s undeniable talent for carrying a melody shine through. The chorus has lyrics saying, “It’s messing with my head; I’m barely sleeping in an empty bed; I’m missing you; somebody new will be sleeping in my bed & it won’t be you.” After this melodic tune, the hard-hitting rap verse comes in. Clever lyrics about doing anything to distract oneself from the soul-crushing heartbreak are rapped flawlessly over a sensual background. The bittersweet emotions of knowing someone else will be on that side of the bed one day, and moving on but not wanting to, are all highlighted within “Empty Bed.”

Since heartbreak and breakups are something that everyone goes through, it is also a solid topic for many songs. “Empty Bed” differs from other rap songs due to Hefe’s compelling genre-fusing mix of nostalgic r&b with modern elements of pop, rap, and more. The song has old-school components, reminiscent of 2000s artists such as Ne-yo or early Usher. The rap element adds a classic feel, nostalgic for OGs like 2Pac or Biggie Smalls. 

“Empty Bed” is a modern r&b classic, guaranteed to be the song of the summer. Take a listen today, available on all major streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano





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