“Talk To Me (Self’s Beat For The Streets Remix)” by Katharina Santana (feat. DJ Self)

The hard-hitting new track, “Talk To Me” (feat. DJ Self) by pop artist Katharina Santana, is an uncompromising anthem somewhat reminiscent of 1980s disco music. The mesmerizing, catchy instrumental gives the song an exhilarating feeling, while her unique and powerful vocals highlight that her sound is like no other. This particular version of the song is a remix: “Talk To Me (Self’s Beat For The Streets Remix),” also making it the ultimate club song.

“Talk To Me” doesn’t wait a minute to get going. The drum-and-bass tune is heard immediately, and Santana’s vocals make the listener want to stay even longer. Her vocals effortlessly switch from belting out to soft vocals with the song’s snappy melody heard in the background. This melodic tune switches from minor to primary keys, sometimes somewhat melancholic. The track also includes many fun-loving solo interments of its addicting instrumental.

Katharina Santana is no stranger to the music industry, having been in it for over 25 years (since 1998). Her versatility as an artist is remarkable, as her iconic vocals can be sung in any genre: ballads, pop, electronica, and EDM, to name a few. Aside from her talent in songwriting and creating a catchy tune, she also performs as the front vocalist in various bands, serving as an artist of many avenues. Santana has performed at numerous venues and for radio stations. Some places you could see her play include Hard Rock Live, BB Kings, Universal Studios, and many others.

“Talk To Me” is available now on all major streaming platforms. Check it out!

Written by Melissa Cusano


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