Artist Interview: “MarchToVictory” by Jon Chesbro

Q: Hi! I love the Euphoric sound that “MarchToVictory” has and it surprised me when how tracks like this can make someone feel that
euphoric sense even without words. I have to know…how do you do it?

JON CHESBRO: That’s a great question. I’m still trying to answer that myself, ha-ha. I think with this song, it came out kind of naturally. I had the beat and strings for it for so long. Then, one day, I re-found it and added guitar and other elements. I guess it needed time to marinate. This song was not rushed, and I think that helped get the vibe just right.

Q: Towards the end, you add vocals. Why’s that?

JON: My friend Derek Smith had heard the song, and he loved it. I told him the name of it and he started singing it out loud. I thought what a great way to climax the song with some sweet vocals. He sent over the tracks, and the rest was history.

Q: Why did you title it “MarchToVictory”?

JON: The title came from the feeling it initially gave me. It felt very heroic and inspiring. I released it as a single on New Year’s Day, and it felt like a positive way to go into the new year. Marching my way to victory with my music and just an overall positive attitude for 2024 and on.

Q: How do you hope people feel when they hear the song?

JON: I hope people feel the way I did. I hope it inspires them. I hope they get a positive vibe from it. There’s enough negativity in the world right now. I’m trying to break the darkness with the light of this song.

Q: “MarchToVictory” is a part of your debut album “Dryas.” What the
concept surrounding the album and how does the song contribute to it?

JON: The album is my way of breaking out of my insecurities and destroying all those negative thoughts. Younger dryas was the last cataclysmic event on earth between 12,900 and 11,600 years ago. It’s also a flower that grows in harsh conditions. So basically, I take all my negativity and destructive thoughts and bloom into something beautiful. I think MarchToVictory wraps that up nicely.

Q: Do you think instrumental is just as impactful as music with lyrics?

JON: Yes. Music is an emotion and it depends on the listener and how the music affects them in the moment. Music has always been a spiritual thing for me and I’ve had moments while listening to instrumental music that just made me stop in my tracks and the same with music with lyrics. It’s just how it hits you. I don’t know if that makes sense. I hope it does.

Q: You released “ForAndre” last month. Where are you headed with your
next projects?

JON: “ForAndre” was inspired by Andre 3000’s new album “New Blue Sun” just hearing someone drop an instrumental album after a career long history in hip hop and rap. It really inspired me to go forward with this. I may not be playing the flute, but the guitar playing was completely improvised. Going forward, I’m taking any inspiration from artists and myself and not judging it.

Q: Is there anything you want to say to your listeners?

JON: I want my listeners to know one thing, and that is not to get in your own way. You are your own worst critic. I use to get in my own way all the time and I finally got out of that and said “I don’t care anymore what people think” I’m doing this for me and for the artists who feel like they can’t express themselves. Go out and do the thing.

There’s a chance nobody is looking anyways so just do it. Be yourself and do it proudly.


Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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