“GOD DAMN” by Love Ghost

Southern California-based outfit “Love Ghost” is no stranger to the stage or the studio. In their short time together as a project they have achieved more than most artists do in a lifetime, having already released close to 100 singles and toured internationally as they strive to establish their identity as a pivotal part of the new emo renaissance we are now amidst. Their newest single “GOD DAMN” strengthens their footing in this frontier and proves nothing short of an earworm among their catalog.

The song opens transcendently with a smooth and comforting flow. An acoustic guitar plays a tune before they dive right in with their opening lyrics “Cause I’m trapped inside of my mind.” The lyrics continue to reflect the complicated minds of the artists as they offer many lines to reflect their complicated relationship with the world including “I love how it feels dangerous, comfort that there’s no lifeline” and “I’m not living and I’m not dead, I’m just hanging on by a thread.” While the lyrics might feel grim, the upbeat nature of the tune reflects a tone of inspiration rather than despair as they feel determined to channel their feelings into art and positivity rather than simply ruminate on them.

Accompanied by an anime-style cartoon music video, we gain insight into the personal tastes of the artist beyond their music taste and expressed words.

The single shares striking similarities with other pioneers in the genre such as “The Kid LARIO.” elating and comforting vocals drive the piece, but broken into several acts with the help of a few spoken word interludes, and driven home with a lyrical sensibility that reflects a unique vulnerability from the artist and their experience with the human condition.

Written by Nick Gumas





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