“YOU GOT IT” by Chiefeezy (feat. FONZ)

Denver’s Chiefeezy is back with an ultra-catchy, lyrically driven song, “YOU GOT IT” (feat. BLACK FONZ). Perfect for those late nights out with friends, dancing at parties, or the club, “YOU GOT IT” is the ultimate accompaniment for a night out. The uplifting instrumental and Chiefeezy & BLACK FONZ’s clever lyrics are guaranteed to make anyone have a good time.

“YOU GOT IT” begins strong with a melodic, r&b-esque instrumental. The lyrics begin to overcome the sultry melody, with “You got it,” repeating in the forefront. The infectious instrumental takes a back seat when Chiefeezy’s rap verse comes to fruition, with romantic lyrics talking about a specific girl. Lyrics include, “I don’t mean no respect, I don’t even know you. I got a few things I can show you; Like what a strong relationship can really grow to.” Whether this girl is someone Chiefeezy met at a bar, went on one date with, or never even spoke to, one thing is for sure: she has caught his eye.

Chiefeezy is no stranger to the music industry, having worked in Denver’s music scene for quite some time now. He’s participated in many international songwriting competitions, reaching the semi-finals and even being recognized by the prestigious Audie Awards, which are part of the Audio Publishers Association. He’s stayed true to his craft and doesn’t allow anyone to let him stray; he has been offered many recording contracts from major independent labels and has remained independent!

Take a listen to Chiefeezy’s “YOU GOT IT,” out on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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