“Perfect” by Brian Larney

A multi-instrumentalist with strikingly haunting melodies, Connecticut based artist Brian Larney has released his new single “Perfect” available everywhere now. Larney already has a long list of accolades including regular radio play and his music being featured in Sylvester Stallone’s 2001 movie Drive. This single joins Larney’s impressive catalog which includes five full length albums and dozens of singles.

“Perfect” immediately showcases Larney’s large array of influences, from his jazzy guitars to his alt-folk vocals, he crafts a signature sound that allows him to stand out against the rest. His melodies are rich and full of passion, presenting this lovesick and emotional vocals throughout the entire performance.

Lyrically, the emotion is mirrored from the melodies, with Larney expressing that the lover in the song is perfect for him. The song sheds light to real vulnerability about missing someone because you thought they would never leave. Larney is looking back at the relationship and realizing where he might have gone wrong.

“You were just perfect for me / I was blinded by conceit / But your world never came to an end / When I was without you / Now I know it’s true,” Larney sings in the second chorus of the track. Overall, it is a song that upon first listen sounds like a full-on romance song, but when taking a closer look at the lyrics it reads as a “one that got away” song. That is how Larney continues to captivate and elevate his sound with this haunting and interesting twists.

Written by Katie Power





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