“Soul Twin Messiah” by Soul Twin Messiah

Encapsulating themes of connection, healing, and love, Soul Twin Messiah has released their debut self-titled album, out everywhere now. The duo is based in the Bay Areas, and they infuse music and lyrics from influences spanning across a multitude of decades.

The lead single of SOUL TWIN MESSIAH was “Comfort You” released in 2023. The track has already amassed 40,000 streams on Spotify alone. The song leans more into an uplifting ballad, recognizing the hardships someone may be facing and offering to be a shoulder to cry on. The cascading piano adds an interesting texture to the rock ballad. The gospel vocals emphasis that anthemic feel. When talking about “LOVE” on their project they typically stylize it in all caps and share that their love is the all caps kind.

Another stand out track is “Share Your Riches With Me,” it is a song that tells the stories of greed and classism. It has a conversational melody, with a spoken introduction, “once upon a time / money drove the chimpanzees mad.” The song has an 80s rocker feel with the big vocals and staccato, layered guitars throughout the song.

When talking about what they were hoping to achieve with this album, co-writer and guitarist Evan Gary Hirsh shared, “with our debut album, we wanted to make sure we made a splash showing what we can do musically and with the production, and wanted to share the variety of influences and styles that form the amalgamation of the STM sound,” said co-writer and guitarist Evan Gary Hirsch.”

Soul Twin Messiah has music with a real message behind it. The duo is not afraid to talk about classism, cannabis, and more. They use their platform as a way to amplify what they think needs to change, and that is refreshing. Their music is also great for a casual listener with a memorable melody and funky instrumentals throughout.

Written by Katie Power





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