“Won’t Be Your Victim” by Jenepher White

Musician Jenepher White doesn’t put their music in a box. When listening to their new song “Won’t Be Your Victim,” a hotpot of genres can be heard. Some genres in Jenepher’s music include neo-soul, blues, singer-songwriter, and even a little bit of rap. Elements of the track sound like they belong in a play, perhaps a one-woman show, with screams and feelings of anger heard in the background. One thing is sure: Jenepher White makes unique music that people can relate to.

‘Won’t Be Your Victim’ opens with a soul-stirring bluesy intro featuring an electric guitar and melancholic keys. Jenepher’s vocals are tinged with a hazy quality, and the blunt lyrics, ‘Won’t be your victim, Won’t be your wife,’ are delivered with fierce intensity. The catchy melody, at times foreboding and uneasy, weaves a narrative that resonates deeply, even without the lyrics. 

The pace changes throughout the track, going from a blues song to spoken word and back to a sultry instrumental, all in a few minutes, keeping the listener engaged. “Won’t Be Your Victim” ends the same way it begins: hard-hitting and to the point. This uncompromising song is like nothing heard in 2024 and deserves some spotlight.

Los Angeles-born and raised, Jenepher has been singing and playing music since the age of seven. She wrote her first song at 18, back when she was Punk. As Jenepher has grown, so has their music and how she creates it. White’s sound has evolved from singer/songwriter to show tunes to Hip Hop, and it will only continue to expand into their distinct sound. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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