Creating a signature sound blending rock, blues, and soul, Thadeus Gonzalez has released his new album STREET FIGHTS ARE STARTING TO HURT, available everywhere now. This is Gonzalez’s fourth record, with the previous three meeting high critical praise. The singer-songwriter has already opened for high profile acts and toured throughout the US and Europe.

STREET FIGHTS ARE STARTING TO HURT is a ten-track album that captures Gonzalez’s strong voice and songwriting. The first track “Street Fights” kicks off with powerful drums and then drives in a gritty electric guitar. Gonzalez’s layered vocals add a larger rock sound to the project. “Street fights / are starting to hurt / Street life / is bringing me down,” he sings throughout the chorus – giving the album its title.

When talking about how he wanted this album to be different from his previous works, Gonzalez shared, “I wanted something completely different from Opposite Faces which was an intentionally random and artsy hard rock album. This album is very concise and to the point. I wrote all of the songs on an acoustic guitar, wanting the singer songwriter vibe to be really heard in the final mixes.”

Songs like “Black Eye On A Tiger” have an 80s feel with a synth to start the track before leaning more into a more dramatic heavy sound. The song has a tongue and cheek reference to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” Marianas Trench is a Canadian based band with a similar sound, blending a similar thematic and large rock sound.

Overall, Gonzalez heavily emerged himself in this new sound, taking risks that many might be too afraid to. He has a memorable anthems and vulnerable stories, each a new gem just waiting to be discovered.

Written by Katie Power





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