“Girl I Was” by Rosalie James

Multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Cornwall, UK, Rosalie James has spent her entire life immersed in music, still arguably nothing up to this point could be a better representation of her creative inclinations than her latest release. A pensive soul and a modern-day philosopher, she uses her art as a medium for introspection, and through her music she allows herself to be vulnerable in a way few of us could ever dare to be. With a lifetime of inspiration prompting her creativity, she reflects on her past and muses onward to the future with the release of “Girl I Was.”

Throughout the piece, she imaginatively converses with herself as well as those who have shaped her. She is unapologetic in sharing her rawest impressions of those closest to her with lines ranging from “You were the blueprint” juxtaposed with ones like “When I first met you, I didn’t really like you.” With an upbeat and melodic tune, she lays out her feelings to the accompaniment of a guitar and cheerful drum beat.

Toward the end, she pauses to note the hold others have had on her with the line “How did you get so much of my power?” and looks onward to her journey toward reclaiming her identity after deciding not to let others define her.

Throughout the piece, James offers much more than a classic “dear diary” approach to self-observation. In looking at past connections from her life, she centers on how experiences have influenced her and how through all of the bad, she has come out better for it.

Written by Nick Gumas





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