“I Came to Conquer” by Ray Matrix

Afro-hip-hop artist Ray Matrix returns with a new album, “I Came to Conquer,” a versatile, ultra-catchy body of art. Comprising nine sultry, vibey tracks, Ray’s music is the perfect soundtrack for the summer. Whether you’re gearing up for pregames, pool parties, or planning a night out with friends, Ray Matrix’s “I Came to Conquer” is the ideal accompaniment for any summer event. 

As a rising artist, Ray already has a distinct sound that will only be further cemented. “I Came to Conquer” begins with “Elevate,” a exciting track with an infectious melody, also focusing on Ray’s alluring vocals. It serves as a flawless opening for the album due to its mesmerizing instrumental that makes the listener want to dance immediately. Following this track are “Call Me” and “Change,” which both have a slower vibe and are excellent for those chill nights with friends. 

A personal favorite is “Hold Me,” an accurate R&B track featuring a sensual instrumental and Ray’s luscious vocals. “I Came to Conquer” ends the same way that it begins, with another captivating track, “Phantom.” This is a reasonable conclusion for the album, with its fun-loving lyrics and snappy melody. 

Ray Matrix is just at the beginning of his musical journey and is gaining fans along the way with his unique Afro-hip-hop sound. New to music, Ray Matrix is ready to show the world his special music. Overall, R&B and hip-hop fans will be fond of Ray Matrix’s multifaceted sound in “I Came to Conquer.”

Written by Melissa Cusano





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