“Thanks For Not Loving Me” by Anna Salman

Talent to be watched and indie pop artist Anna Salman has been turning ears with the release of her debut EP “This Summer Won’t Last.” The record itself offers a deep introspective to the melancholy and anguish that ensues when optimism retrogrades, or as she calls it “sad girl pop at its finest.” Anchoring the album is “Thanks For Not Loving Me” in which she explores not only an instance of heartbreak but finds a way to assign words to her innermost thoughts on the ideas of grief and reclaiming one’s identity.

The single begins by setting a pensive and curious mood. A synthetic tonal wave of pinging notes echoes as we sink into the world Salman creates. Her light yet bolstered vocals guide the story as she sets the tone with the opening line “It was a lifelong fever rushing out the door. A neverending ache in my bones, I think I’m leaving this love now for sure.” The song continues to drive a message of the artist’s empowerment while showing reverence for the memories of a relationship past. Lines like “I loved you like religion” juxtapose others like “I’ll find someone who was written and planned” and give the story a proper arc and a full body.

There is a comforting familiarity in the way Salman’s music hits one’s ear. There is a strong sensibility, both narratively and in her musicality, reminiscent of the qualities that made Phoebe Bridgers a staple of the industry while still creating an ambiance that is uniquely their own and can be expected to grow over time and not fade with the seasons.

Written by Nick Gumas





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