“Stonewall” by Silver Shores

For fans of chill, easy-listening music, Silver Shore’s new track, ‘Stonewall,’ offers a unique blend of extraordinary instrumental and potent vocals. The song’s ultra-relaxing vibe is akin to floating worry-free in the ocean. With its hard-hitting drums, jangly guitars, bass, and a captivating melody, ‘Stonewall’ tugs at the heartstrings in a way that’s distinctly Silver Shore.

‘Stonewall,’ as described by the group, delves into the universal experience of clinging to an irrational fear of expressing our sincere feelings. It beautifully captures the profound clarity that washes over us once that weight is lifted. This overpowering emotion resonates with everyone, and ‘Stonewall’ flawlessly captures this feeling with its emotive instrumental and vulnerable lyrics, making you feel deeply understood and connected. 

Silver Shores comprises Andrew Magcale on guitar/vocals, Mario Amanzio on drums, Haley Shevener on bass, and Jon Andrew on guitar. The group officially formed back in 2021 in Oakland, California. The four-person group gathered through Craigslist, social media, and knowing each other from previous bands to create their soothing, unique sound.

Andrew Magcale’s vocals take ‘Stonewall’ to the next level with his serene voice. His voice feels reminiscent of old-school rock bands such as Brand New or Death Cab for Cutie, but his angelic vocals and the melancholy instrumental make the track special and in its own lane. Take a listen to ‘Stonewall’ and the rest of Silver Shore’s discography. 

Written by Melissa Cusano


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