“Until Love finds a Way” by Roli Manalo

Singer/songwriter Roli Manalo’s new single, “Until Love finds a Way,” is a beautiful tribute to love. The track feels very nostalgic due to Manalo’s soothing vocals, reminiscent of old-school artists like Bryan Adams and Phil Collins. The melancholic keys in the background also bring a calming aurora to the song. 

“Until Love finds a Way” commences with a captivating, romantic melody. As Manalo’s angelic vocals arrive, the instrumental gracefully steps aside, allowing his voice to command the stage. His comforting voice, remindful of a lullaby, harmonizes seamlessly with the instrumental. The lyrics, a testament to the power of love, resonate deeply: “Love will always fight through the darkness of the night; take away the shadow of the moonlight.” These vulnerable and poignant words serve as a balm, offering solace and connection to listeners.

“Until Love finds a Way” was composed while Manalo was on a cruise in Alaska. While on the cruise, he thought about how the ship was rotating 360 degrees, eventually coming up with the idea that love can bring a brand new day. This ultimately turned into “Until Love finds a Way.”

Roli Manalo’s sound is a breath of fresh air; in the current music landscape, his unique old-school romantic sound stands out. His music is a testament to the power of lyrics and the depth of meaning they can convey. The instrumental, so potent, begins to weave a narrative even before the lyrics enter the scene, drawing listeners into a world of emotion and nostalgia. 

Roli Manalo’s “Until Love finds a Way” is out now on most major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano






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