“How You Love” by Cate Kileva

With hauntingly beautiful melodies, Cate Kileva released the second single “How You Love” from her electronic side project. Originally a classic pianist and a folk singer-songwriter, she went through some bad breakups in relationships with her band and her partner within a few months. Because of this, Kileva has used her music as a canvas to transform her pain into real art. She self produces her work and worked alongside engineers like Stuart Stuart (The Veronicas) and Simon Cohen (Justin Bieber.)

“How You Love” captures an ambient and laid-back feeling to it, with Kileva’s vocals gliding throughout the melodies. The synths have a soul-stirring feeling to it with the keys having a distinct melody that continues throughout out. Her production builds a world and paired alongside her photographer x, she is able to paint an even clearer picture of this wistful blue night running in the woods.

 Her lyrics tell a story of the pain that she felt during her breakup. “The way that you love is the way that you die / the way that you kiss me is the way I get high,” she sings in the chorus.

When speaking on how this song reflects her artistry she shared, “I feel that there is a deep humour hidden in there, even though or perhaps because it is quite an intense song. And I think that is how my artistic identity is coming through in this piece.”

Overall, Kileva was able to turn her sadness into a sound that is all her own. Her vulnerability shines throughout the track and proves she is brave enough to truly pour her heart out.

Written by Katie Power




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