“Only Fans” by Giack Bazz

Indie alt-rock artist Giack Bazz’s groundbreaking new single, ‘Only Fans,’ touches on taboo topics of the music industry and the digital creative environment that society has reached. From a musical standpoint, ‘Only Fans’ has a captivating tune with an overpowerful sense of something; is it nostalgia? Maybe a little bit of sadness? Whatever it is, Giack Bazz does a remarkable job of creating a moody atmosphere within the first notes of the track. At the same time, the clever lyrics and accompanying music video shed light on more significant issues.

‘Only Fans’ begins with a melancholy instrumental composed of guitar, melodic keys, bass, and subtle drums. Giack Bazz’s raspy voice chimes in with piquant lyrics pointing fingers at the back of the music industry, a repeated lyric being, “You won’t see all of my friends, ONLY (overnight) FANS.” Bazz’s unique storytelling in ‘Only Fans’ highlights some of the issues from the music industry today: musicians in the age of TikTok influencers, digital marketing, and the creative landscape. 

‘Only Fans’ also has an accompanying music video in collaboration with model Alexandra Pinheiro and @Wannalog films. The music video features Pinheiro and Bazz at a table, reminiscent of a blind date filmed for YouTube. The video very obviously focuses on the hyper-sexual aspects of Pinheiro; this over-the-top sexual fixation is a prominent tool to bring awareness. According to Bazz himself, he created the music video because listeners otherwise “…would have never watched the music video if it wasn’t for the sexual aspect; I want the listener to think about the commodification of music and simultaneously how twisted the industry has become.” Taking it to a new level of blurred lines of reality and fiction, the video itself, as the release-non-release, was launched on a real “only fans” page.

‘Only Fans’ was recorded at the Ground Floor Studios, mixed by Davide Cristiani, and mastered on tape by Luca Tacconi. Giack Bazz’s importance in the music industry is solidified in ‘Only Fans,’ which is available now on most major music streaming platforms. 

Photo credit: @wannalog

Written by Melissa Cusano







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