“Nature Odyssey” by Carpe Diem

Walk alongside two-piece duo Carpe Diem into the elf forest as they have released their enchanting new single “Nature Odyssey.” The Hong Kong based duo takes a lot of inspiration from nature when creating their music. Carpe Diem is comprised of singer Adah C Soh and guitarist Yip Kwok Wai.

Throughout the production the duo experiments with nature sounds to infuse in their song about the elf forest. They have rain sounds scattered, birds singing, and even included a digeridoo. It’s obvious the guitar and vocals are spotlighted, since that is the groups’ main instruments. Wai’s guitar picking includes melodies that provoke tension throughout the track. The digeridoo solo adds to the build of the song overall.

The song tells the story of global warming and how humans are destroying the planet. Soh starts by painting this beautiful picture of the planet about how flowers have souls and how incredible earth is. However, as the song moves on it gets darker, with the chorus saying, “a song mother nature heard / piles of trash that gathers / like red tainted sky / among the chaos / smoke rises like blackness.” Carpe Diem is able to showcase how in danger the earth is by showing how mother earth is hurting.

The song is accompanied by a lyric video that is paired with different drawn images of the planet slowly falling deeper and deeper into chaos. Carpe Diem did an excellent job at conveying their point about climate change in a way that is thoughtful and creative.

Written by Katie Power





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