“End of the Line” by Marky J

Boston-based indie rock artist Marky J is running straight out of the gate and into our playlists with his newest single “End of the Line.” Combining elements of rock, pop, and hip hop in his music, he creates entire ecosystems in his songs that prove to be eclectically sensible as well as lyrically advanced. While his music is worthy of merit, in an incredible collaboration, featured on the track is founding member of D12, Bizarre whose energy gives an elevated intensity to this release.

A song that adopts a narrative-first approach, the piece tells the story of a man waking up in bed with another only to learn she is already in a relationship with a person harboring violent tendencies. As he tries to run from the consequences of his missteps, he fears he might not be able to avoid repercussions. His anxiety is palpable not only in the words he chooses but in the way he delivers them.

Playing off his career as one of the faces of gangster rap in the 90s, Bizarre’s presence drives the narrative of the story home. Playing the part of the scorned boyfriend, his lyrics highlight the emotional stakes of the song in a way only he could. Hearing “You come here, motherfucker.” in a recognizable voice so clearly associated with violent music helps validate the stakes and adds incredible depth.

Speaking to the song’s musicality, there is no lack of stimulation on this front. Driven by a smooth and upbeat percussive beat paralleled with a flowing reverberating guitar, the instrumentals create a familiar 90s-style ambiance without feeling generic or overplayed.

Written by Nick Gumas




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