“Friday Night” by Lotte BMFee

While Germany has long been known for producing titans of the Electronic, House, and Techno genres, “Friday Night,” the latest collaboration between the country’s up-and-coming artists DJ Herr Wolf and Lotte BMFee adds a delightful cherry to the top of this storied history. A party anthem for the modern age, it proves itself as an earworm to say the very least that will play on repeat in any listener’s mind for a long time to come. 

The piece starts with a simple introduction of a resonant and reverb-heavy female voice echoing the words “It’s Friday night” on its own before being joined by instrumental accompaniment. A cymbal then counts the music in and sets the tempo before the full orchestra of electronic accouterments appears to give the song its shape. Pulsating, danceable, and above all catchy, the song immediately takes flight.

At times the song incorporates a distinct Latin flair. At the midpoint, a male voice appears and echos the phrase “Que Paso?” in a deep and echoing tone. This is far from the only instance of this style of world music inspiring the artist’s musical decisions in the single, such as their heavy use of synth horns played in an optimistic tone throughout the number.

While the song itself might feel minimalistic in nature, it creates a big impression. A song that feels as if it were built for a late-night techno set, it serves to inspire us all to take advantage of the opportunities presented by our youth and celebrate every weekend we have the chance to experience.

Written by Nick Gumas




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