“Trigger To My Head” The Dream Spiral

Quickly building on their project’s escalating momentum, Brisbane-based five-piece Indie Rock outfit “The Dream Spiral has emerged from the studio with their latest heavy-hitting release “Trigger To My Head.” A single that goes a long way to defining the young band’s emerging sound, it blends influences from across the decades to create a sensational and rhythmically consistent beat steeped in rock and gothic elements.

The piece begins with a heavy drum beat that slowly leads into a distorted melody that begins to take us down a rabbit hole of musicality. With a heavy industrial sound from start to finish, the artists build a musical ecosystem of heavy bass and grungy progressions that both validate the listener’s feelings of angst and channel them into an opportunity to celebrate them as a part of the human condition.

Thematically, the message presents as a grim and melancholy outlook that reflects on universal feelings of hopelessness. While the narrative offers deeper insight than a simple complaint, the lyrics describe the symptoms of despondence in detail. Commenting on feelings of despair while trying to cope with existing in our generation, the song culminates during the melody with the titular line “I am waiting for death with this trigger to my head.”

The sound sits somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and The Smashing Pumpkins. Heavily distorted vocals build a world of tension and anticipation while a steady percussive beat drives the melody. While the influence of the 90s is heavily present, the group finds a way to make it uniquely their own.

Written by Nick Gumas





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