“Snow To Your Fire” by Quinston Pugh

Quinston Pugh’s latest single, “Snow To Your Fire,” is a testament to the power of collaboration in music. This romantic R&B/rap ballad, which beautifully captures the essence of being someone’s safe space, features an impeccable rap verse from Pugh and sultry, dreamy vocals by the talented singer Nina Nicholle. The accompanying music video is equally as pleasing-to-watch, effectively conveying Pugh’s and Nicholle’s perspectives and culminating in a powerful message of love and unity.

“Snow To Your Fire” delves into the profound importance of partnership and the comfort of being there for someone. The metaphor of snow to someone’s fire beautifully encapsulates the idea of being your partner’s ‘home,’ their refuge when the world becomes overwhelming. Our significant others should be the ones we turn to when we need solace – aka snow to our fire. 

The song opens with poignant keys, soon enveloped by Pugh’s soulful vocals, singing, “You need the snow to your fire, someone to calm out the flames.” This is followed by Pugh, expressing her yearnings and needs from a relationship, longing for someone to hold her after a difficult day.  

Quinston Pugh was born in Jacksonville, Florida, growing up in Virginia Beach. He embarked on his musical journey in the 5th grade when he first picked up the violin. His passion for music led him to play in the orchestra until his high school graduation. It was in middle school that he discovered his talent for writing and producing music, a skill he honed over the years. His dedication and love for music culminated in the release of his first official single after high school, and he has released four projects since.

Take a listen to “Snow To Your Fire” today, available on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano





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