“Living with Friction” by Drawing Mazes

Less than a year into its inception, Elmhurst-based project Drawing Mazes has wasted no time establishing their sound and paving the way for their own success. The brainchild of artist Chris Pusinelli, their music has been making waves throughout the Midwest and beyond with their brand of personal and sentimental art that doesn’t need to strain to connect with their audience. Their newest release “Living with Friction” proves no different as it strives to put the importance of human connection into words.

The piece starts off with an optimistic and emotionally elevating bongo drum playing a rhythmic beat. Quickly, a slew of instruments join along with the vocals, singing “You stood around and watched the snow, everybody just wants it to go.” Soon after the song takes flight, leading us on a journey of whimsy and elation.

Narratively, the piece serves to not just acknowledge, but celebrate the rougher edges of life and reminds us to lean on those closest to us when we feel stress begin to take over. These sentiments are highlighted through lines like “Let your body feel that sort of pain” and “Take my hand and we’ll get through.” When the world around us gets tough to navigate, these words serve to remind us that this is just a part of life and no task is insurmountable.

With a soft and genuine lofi sound, “Living with Friction” has a way of comforting the listener. Living somewhere in between the worlds of cinematic pop and quirky rock, the music melts away stress and warms up the soul.

Written by Nick Gumas





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