“Rough Life” by Shawn Wyatt

Singer-songwriter/rapper Shawn Wyatt’s new single, “Rough Life,” is a vulnerable and raw look into his life experiences. The introspective lyrics, which touch on growing up on the rough side of town, navigating complex relationships with family and friends, and the universal themes of heartbreak and loss, are sure to resonate with many listeners. What sets this track apart is the catchy beat and Wyatt’s impeccable flow, which create a unique hip-hop experience, reminiscent of the days of old-school artists like Eminem or 2Pac, and are sure to intrigue the audience. 

“Rough Life” begins with a hard-hitting instrumental, when Wyatt’s invasive vocals arrive. His blunt, uncompromising lyrics begin, discussing critical topics: “I grew up on the rough side, with no father in my life; he was trippin’; I kept my head up to the sky and now I’m chilling.” This deep look into Wyatt’s inner-most personal thoughts is not just admirable, but also inspiring, as it takes immense courage to share such raw experiences with the world. 

Shawn Wyatt is a singer-songwriter and actor. His single “Rough Life” is a personal look into Wyatt’s complicated past. His upcoming studio album will be released on July 26th, which consists of twelve songs, “Rough Life” being the lead single from the album. 

Check out “Rough Life” and Shawn Wyatt’s other music, which is available on all major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano





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