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Artist Interview: “I Would Die 4 U” by Pisces Moon

Q:Hi! First, I must say how much I loved “I Would Die 4 U.” The instrumentation sounds so modest, but then the voices swoop in and elevate things. I’d love it if you could walk me through how you guys decided on the “I Would Die 4 U” sound and structure.

PISCES MOON: (Sally) I kept hearing these 90’s ballad lyrics pop up as I was putting the tracks together in my studio. Lyrically, I felt they worked seamlessly with the new musical re-construction. For “I Would Die 4U” it just worked effortlessly with the music. It all made sense once Lintle put her vocals on the track. It was very exciting to see the reconstruction of this timeless track come together.

Q: What is “I Would Die 4 U” about?

PISCES: Originally, it was written by Prince so this is a re-work of the track. It expresses devotion and unconditional love. The lyrics are about willing to do anything for a lover, including sacrificing your life. We wanted to create a whole new vibe. Prince’s rendition and performance of this piece are delivered with more urgency as it is up-tempo. Ours is a sexy reminder to the lover. It’s slower in tempo and less fiery but still captures the drama when you utter the words “I would die for you.”


Q: I swear Prince crossed my mind when I heard it, but it didn’t register because I never heard the verses of the original, only the chorus. I’ve heard the “Purple Rain” album countless times due to my parents, but they mainly listened to “When Doves Cry,” “Purple Rain,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” and “Baby I’m A Star” (because it made me rock violently in my rocker).

Anyways, what inspired the song?

PISCES: We really wanted to focus on love ballads to work lyrically with the music I had written. It just fits the vibe of the project.


Q: What was the most challenging about composing “I Would Die 4 U”?

PISCES: It’s hard to compete with such an exceptional song. There was no attempt to cast a shadow on the original. My focus when writing the music was to allow the listener to experience this classic hit in a totally new way. Lintle’s voice really elevated the music I had put together and captured the mood.


Q: As a Pisces, I love the band name! I’d love to know how you both came up with it!

PISCES: We both have some serious Pisces energy. Lintle is a Pisces Sun, and I’m a Pisces Moon. We both agreed that the moon fits the feel of the project since it’s a planet of emotions.


Q: How did Pisces Moon meet?

PISCES: Since we’re talking planets and astrology, our meeting was also about planets aligning…at BlueMercury, where Lintle worked as a professional makeup artist. Not that I wanted to get made up, but we hit it off during a shopping spree and quickly became friends. The rest is history.


Q: Do you two have similar influences? If not, how does that play into writing a song for the duo?

PISCES: We both love deep, hard-hitting music. Just soulful songs of any genre!


Q: What project do your listeners and future listeners have to look forward to?

PISCES: Believe it or not, we’re starting to write for a full-length album of original songs. So, hopefully, we’ll have another release in the next 6-9 months. For now, we’re really looking forward to supporting the release with shows at local DC venues.

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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