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Artist Interview: “The Last Song I’ll Write About You” by Midnight Swim

Q: How long has Midnight Swim been together, and where did you all meet?

MIDNIGHT SWIM: We formed in 2023 from the ashes of previous projects. We’ve all been in the same music scene for a long time, and as friends called it quits, we narrowed down members for those still willing who also love the same artists. 

Q: “The Last Song I’ll Write About You” isn’t your most recent release, and we’ll get to that one later, but it’s about closure after divorce. What’s the backstory on that?

MIDNIGHT: As much as a divorce is perfect writing material, “The Last Song I’ll Write About You” was a way to move on from that experience in my life and a statement to myself to not dwell on it longer and to allow myself to move on.

We wrote this one after “Bend and Break,” which was a song written during the hurt part of that experience, but we felt “The Last Song I’ll Write About You” was a great comeback song for us after the release of the Into “The Night” EP.


Q: What was the songwriting process like?

MIDNIGHT: We knew as soon as we started writing this track it had a cool groove to it. We instantly had hooks flying for the chorus and middle 8 and knew it was the perfect song to follow up with, as we’d wanted something that was an earworm.

We spent 2 days at Steel City Studio to record the track when we usually only spend 1. We wanted more time to pick things apart and throw new ideas into the recording process as it came together.


Q: What kinds of reactions have you gotten from people regarding the song?

MIDNIGHT: The song has had a great response. I think it’s a good pop track to get lodged into people’s brains, which helps, but also, it’s a song a lot of people can relate to. It’s super fun to play live and great to get the crowd involved with the chorus.


Q: What was shooting the music video like? I loved how simple yet exciting it was!

MIDNIGHT: Shooting videos is always fun. It’s always nice to play the song as loud as possible so you can rock out with as much energy as you can!


Q: Your latest single is “Bend and Break.” I noticed on Spotify that “The Last Song I’ll Write About You” and “Bend and Break” have different covers, but both contain wilting flowers. Does that mean they will be on the same EP or album?

MIDNIGHT: We’re definitely working towards a new EP. We’re back in the studio this month (May) to record another track, which will make up a three- or four-track EP. The artwork will continue along this theme until the EP is released.


Q: What’s the ultimate dream for the band?

MIDNIGHT: I think we’d all love to jump onto a little tour. We play shows around the North West but would love to hit the road with a band we all love and do a small tour just to have some fun together.


Q: That sounds awesome! What’s next for Midnight Swim?

MIDNIGHT: We hit the studio this month to record a new single. We think it’s going to be a great ear worm to come back with. We have a few shows lined up and are pushing for more so we can hit up new places. We’re also planning on social content to reach new people to get the music out there!

Interviewed by Taylor Berry

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