“It’s A Cure” by Kid Lazuras

Bristol UK’s Kid Lazuras’ latest single, “It’s A Cure,” is a mesmerizing hard-hitter that will strike a chord with post-punk and alternative rock fans. The moody instrumental, with its subtle drumming and melodic keys, sets a haunting atmosphere upon the first few seconds. The repeated background vocal, echoing the lyrics, “It’s just a cure; all of your problems,” adds a profound layer of emotional depth. Lazuras’ captivating vocals and the dream-like aura of the song create a deeply engaging experience, inviting any rock fan to immerse themselves in the music.

At just 24 years old, Kid Lazuras has already carved out a unique sound, as evident in his latest track, “It’s A Cure.” Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including new-wave, post-punk, and electronica, Lazuras weaves these influences into a sound that is distinctly his own. His music, while nostalgic, evokes a sense of familiarity with post-punk/new wave artists like The Smiths or Joy Division, yet it’s his unique twist of dark, gloomy, and somewhat tranquil elements that truly captivates his listeners. 

The track opens with an unapologetic blast of sound, featuring a blunt electronic guitar solo and the lyrics “It’s just a cure” on repeat. Lazuras’ vocals are a standout element, with their distinct personality and the way he articulates each vowel, drawing the listener in. As he repeats the lyrics “It sunk you in,” it’s as if the listener is being pulled deeper into the music, a testament to Lazuras’ vocal prowess and the song’s immersive quality.

Overall, “It’s A Cure” is an experience of a song, guaranteed to take anyone listening on a musical journey. Take a listen now, available on all major music streaming platforms. 

Written by Melissa Cusano





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