“15 (When I Leave)” by Edie Yvonne

Teenage singer-songwriter Edie Yvonne has had quite a precocious start to her young career. As the Los Angeles native grows as an artist and a human being, her work has evolved with every song she writes. With today’s release of her newest single “15 (When I Leave)” she makes a strong statement about her identity and alignment with the Alternative and Pop Punk genres and goes a long way toward establishing the type of musical and stylistic identity that she will soon be synonymous with. 

The piece begins with quick-paced and distorted strumming on an electric guitar in an anthemic tempo. Yvonne quickly begins the narrative of the story and speaks to her feelings about switching to a new school and beginning the year without the community they have worked for so long to build.

Power cords and angsty yet personal lyrics highlight the single, as she concisely yet comprehensively summarizes the anxieties felt by all who navigate their way through the social anarchy of adolescence. Lyrics such as “Looking in mirrors and I see myself. Been trying to look like everyone else” serve as inspiration to all that no one is alone in their feelings of self-consciousness in an uncomfortable environment.

Born from a place of authenticity, Yvonne’s message hits deep as it summarizes the universal anxiety of our need for acceptance juxtaposed with establishing one’s own individual identity. As the song ends, we are left empathizing with the artist on a fundamental level. Listening to her project “I know you can’t hear me screaming out,” we feel the lyrics coming straight from her heart to the airwaves.

Written by Nick Gumas

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