“Bleed Me Dry” by SUSAN The Band

Turning a live performance into a compelling single, SUSAN the Band has released their latest single “Bleed Me Dry.” The track was recorded in Islington at the iconic venue the Gunners. It was mixed in a way that it could still have a raw edge while still having polished elements to it. The band has gained recognition for their old school rock style and emotionally charged performances.

Lead singer Will Thomas has real grit and heart in his vocals that echo throughout the track. The electric guitar roars on the track, with an impressive solo towards the end. The performance has amazingly high energy and the group truly has great chemistry,

When asked what the song meant to them, Thomas shared, “”Bleed Me Dry,” a poignant and raw exploration of the stubbornness and anguish experienced by our fathers.”

Written by Katie Power





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