“Where My Body Sleeps” by HALO RIDER

Blending fiddle and banjo into an acoustic moody track, the duo HALO RIDER has released their new single “Where My Body Sleeps.”

The duo is made of Anne Harris and Markus James. Harris is a Chicago-based fiddle player and deemed a favorite accompanist on the festival scene for over a decade. James is a California-based singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has released several critically acclaimed records. The duo has already seen success as HALO RIDER, garnering 100,000 streams on their debut single on Spotify alone.

The single is accompanied by an artistic black and white performance video of the two performing the track with statutes and city skyscapes overlayed.

The single has a folksy and bluesy sound to it, with the location being set in New Orleans. The song has a classic front porch vibe, taking inspiration from a multitude of genres. The two are able to blend their sounds seamlessly.

Written by Katie Power





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