“Luka” by Shalisa Taylor

Putting a spin on the 80s hit, Shalisa Taylor has released her cover of Suzanne Vega’s “Luka.” The Swedish singer made her debut in 2016 and since then has signed with Rexius Records and been featured on numerous Spotify Editoral playlists.

Taylor has the ability to take this song and strip it back even more than the original. Slowing it down and really putting an emphasis on the story. She cites Musgraves as an influence for the sound, and there is a folksiness throughout the track with guitar slides and acoustic picking throughout.

When asked why she choose to cover the iconic single, she shared, “My personal relationship with the song started when my dad showed it to me when I was younger. Ever since then, I’ve wanted to cover it. It’s a song I love, and it has followed me throughout my life.”

Written by Katie Power




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