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“Get Away From You” by TalusBlu

Hailing from Chicago, the emerging band TalusBlu is ready to share their sound with the world. They accomplished this with their first release, “Get Away From You,” which was released in May and is a refreshing blend of alt-rock and indie.

TalusBlu comprises lead vocalist and guitarist Ingo Weigold, drummer Ryan Banks, bassist Bob Bea, and contributing vocalist and keyboardist Elliot Marshall. The band invites the listener in with subtlety and grace in “Get Away From You,” using Nott’s elegant piano notes to give the track its intimate nature. Things really kick off when Banks enters with his tight percussion, and Bea keeps things groovy with the bass.

Weigold has a rich and warm voice full of tone and control and demonstrates power as he sings, my favorite, “Praying that somehow my reflection gets clearer / While slowly coming undone.”

“Get Away From You” is a beautiful piece and worth the listen. What are you waiting for? Go check it out!


Written by Taylor Berry




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