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“Bulletproof” by Rob Lalain (Feat. Sean Weyers)

Seasoned singer-songwriter Rob Lalain partnered with all-around musician Sean Weyers to produce an empowering track called “Bulletproof.” The song encompasses an empathetic atmosphere thanks to the adept duo’s ability to compose lyrics that correlate with the emotions the instrumentals emit.

Lalain and Weyers kept things tight in the verses, using smooth bass to counter the grounding guitar notes and crisp percussion. It’s satisfying to hear the tone in the verses’ accompaniment matching the sense of loss and confusion permeating the verses’ lyrics.

As we transition from the verses, which evoke a sense of darkness and confusion, to the chorus, a more uplifting and optimistic nature emerges. Lalain’s lyrics about strength and resilience in the face of adversity bring a powerful contrast to the song.

“Hey, where did love go? / Why did you leave me? / What’s left to prove? / Hey, what didn’t I know? / Why weren’t you happy? / What’s the truth? / ’Cause now I’m lost without you / But I am bulletproof.”

“Bulletproof” is something many can relate to, especially those struggling in relationships that are causing them more pain than happiness. Hopefully, this reaches the hearts of those who need to hear it!

Don’t miss out on experiencing “Bulletproof.” Listen to it on your preferred music streaming service platform, and let the music speak to you!


Written by Taylor Berry

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