“Facing the Sun” by Athena Aperta

Genre-fusing artist Athena Aperta’s new single, “Facing the Sun,” is a groovy, bluesy, upbeat song that will get anyone up and dancing. Her vocals are powerful, yet she does a fantastic job at not overshadowing the equally mystifying instrumental, consisting of jazzy drums, guitar, and bass. The song, aside from a musical standpoint, is lyrically driven as well–exploring themes of anxiety, depression, addiction, and self-doubt.

“Facing the Sun” is the ultimate summer song, with its cheerful, blissful vibes. What makes it truly unique is the way it juxtaposes the summery, colorful instrumental with the rather serious topics discussed in the lyrics. This unexpected blend creates a wonderfully unique music experience that will keep listeners engaged from start to finish. Music is a beautiful thing that can bring people together; “Facing the Sun” and Athena’s sound is a testament to this.

Originally from Swindon, England, Athena’s music is a reflection of her diverse life experiences. Having lived in numerous parts of the world, including South East London, Berlin, and Cambridgeshire, her music is a unique blend of global influences. Now, she’s back in her hometown, Swindon, ready to share her unique sound with the world. 

“Facing the Sun” is not just a song but a beacon of hope and resilience. It’s a testament to Aperta’s ability to never give up; she “faced the sun” (possibly a metaphor for facing what she needs to fix to change her life), and her message is that others can, too. Athena took two years out of the music industry and is now sober; “Facing the Sun” is just the beginning of her comeback.

Take a listen to “Facing the Sun,” now, available on major music streaming platforms.

Photo credit: Josephine Slade

Written by Melissa Cusano


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