“The Drawer” by Kelsie Kimberlin

Ukrainian-American musician, activist, and all-around torchbearer for improving the status quo, Kelsie Kimberlin, continues to impress her fans as her music evolves with each production. As she releases her first full-length EP, “The Drawer,” she reflects on the relationships that have shaped her and the interpersonal experiences that helped her grow into who she is today. As each single on the EP reveals another layer and gives insight into the artist’s introspective, we feel another reason to connect with them as both a musician and a human being. The titular track lets the listener dive right into the deep end as it wastes no time setting the tone for a dramatic record.

As Kimberlin begins the narratively-driven piece, she tells the story of a past abusive relationship. Set to rhythmic and percussive accompaniment, she begins the story with the opening line  “Our eyes locked together as we walked down the hall. The sparks started then, but I didn’t know it was all in my head.”

The artist openly and vulnerably recounts the extent of the most harrowing moments of this relationship and speaks candidly about her experience with lines like “I started getting healthy and putting on some weight, but you wanted to control everything I ate. I was so confused and abused, you left me so insecure.”

With every line, we feel further attached to the artist and empathize with her journey. Through the words she writes and the passion with which she delivers them, we feel a sense of compassion throughout and fulfillment when she finally realizes her self-worth and makes the choices that are best for her. We can’t help but feel pride in her decisions as she takes ownership of her own liberation, ending the piece with the line “Now I’m free and it’s me without you. Forever free.”

Written by Nick Gumas





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