UK-based singer-songwriter RuBe bared her heart in her somber ballad, “Stay,” the final installment to her “Daughter’s Trilogy,” which is about living with a mother who struggles with alcoholism and mental health issues.

Accompanied by a soft piano , RuBe weaves a heart-wrenching tale in her song, ‘Stay.’ The lyrics are a poignant conversation between a big sister and her younger sibling about leaving their home as children to start brand new lives.

RuBe’s ‘Stay’ is a poignant journey, capturing a heartbreaking moment with her lyrics and emotional voice. She skillfully guides the listeners through the emotional landscape of the song, evoking a deep sense of empathy.

“STAY” is the sole song on the trilogy that’s stripped back to piano, while the other songs are more upbeat. Overall, the singer did an outstanding job with the music!

Don’t miss the chance to experience this powerful song. Listen to ‘Stay’ by RuBe and let her music resonate with you.


Written by Taylor Berry

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