Nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter RuBe’s (pronounced Ruby) new single, “EASIER,” is a testament to her unique sound. At such a young age, RuBe has already carved out a niche for herself, blending multiple genres such as bedroom pop, acoustic pop, and alternative. Despite often delving into melancholic themes, her introspective and personal lyrics manage to captivate and excite the listener.

RuBe’s musical journey is deeply intertwined with her personal life. Originating from North London, she embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of six. Her musical and personal inspirations are diverse, with her younger brother, who has Down’s Syndrome, being a significant influence. Her first three releases, a Trilogy dedicated to him, serve as a poignant reminder of her unwavering commitment to raising awareness about Down’s Syndrome and her desire to offer listeners unique and diverse experiences. 

“EASIER” is a dynamic, thought-provoking track with meaningful lyrics and an equally infectious melody. RuBe’s vocals are angelic and beautifully intertwined with the EDM/electronic instrumental, simultaneously creating a danceable yet thoughtful song.

Despite being at the dawn of her musical career, RuBe is already making waves. BBC Introducing, a platform renowned for discovering new talent, has continually supported RuBe. She has been featured as ‘One to Watch’ twice and has graced the radio station’s airwaves with her performances on two occasions. This is a clear testament to her being a rising star in the music industry, a fact that is sure to excite and impress her growing fan base.

Take a listen to “EASIER,” now, available on major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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