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“Everything Feels Broken” by Tom Sykes

American guitarist and singer-songwriter Tom Sykes addresses the grave societal divide that has plagued the United States of America in his powerful song, “Everything Feels Broken.”

The song blends rock, blues, and America and comprises Sykes speaking nothing but the truth in his lyrics.

“No one wants forgiveness, there’s someone else to blame / We’re hiding in our own worlds, we won’t face a change…Why is there never a middle ground? If no one agrees, you shut them down / You only think God’s on your side, just for one put away your pride.”

As Sykes lists many of the wrong things both “opponents” are guilty of, the bluesy-rock guitars and percussion collaborate to create an intense moment where you’re forced to hear what Sykes is preaching. By the key change towards the end, you really start to realize the reality of his words and begin to reflect on them.

The song’s power to provoke thought and reflection is undeniable. It encourages listeners to share it with those around them and even blast it out the windows on their drive to work, making its impact felt far and wide.


Written by Taylor Berry

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