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“Type Two” by Rose Brokenshire

With her unique blend of buttery vocals, dream-like guitar, and breathtaking melodies, Canada’s Rose Brokenshire in “Type Two” creates a soothing atmosphere that’s perfect for slipping into a vacation brain. Her genius lyricism and breathy backing vocals further enhance the experience.

It’s inspiring to see an artist like Rose Brokenshire, a former wildland firefighter, using her music to calm her nervous system. Her journey from a high-stress career to creating calming music not only for herself but also for others is truly beautiful.

I love the concept of the track, as well. She’s reminiscing about the fun she had skiing with friends and the memories she made, but not the actual activity, which is what type two fun means. It describes a strenuous and challenging activity that can be rewarding, like skiing, running, mountain climbing, etc.

This summer, I urge you to listen to this gorgeous piece by Rose Brokenshire. Let her music inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and create unforgettable memories through type two fun activities with your friends and family.


Written by Taylor Berry






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