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Artist Interview: “Felixstowe” by Ervin Munir

Q: Hi! I wanted to thank you, Ervin, for allowing me to interview you on “Felixstowe” and your music journey! Why don’t you tell the world a little bit about yourself? Who is Ervin Munir as a musician and a person?

ERVIN MUNIR: I am an indie singer-songwriter based in Norfolk. I have been writing songs for a long time and fairly recently started taking the job of a songwriter more seriously after playing my songs in folk clubs and open mics for many years. I grew up in London and moved to Norfolk with my late wife, Dorothy, in 2011.

I write heartfelt songs about life and social injustice with an eye for the ridiculous. I perform these solo and in my band, Cutting the Mustard. My influences are Paul Simon, James Taylor, Neil Young and the Eagles. I have been consistently releasing music since October 2022. My producer is Aeron Z Jones.

I am also a member of Talent is Timeless, an organization challenging ageism in the songwriting world. There are a lot of mature songwriters out there!

Q: “Felixstowe” is a breakup song set in a ferry town, and I have to commend you for bringing that melancholy feel people in breakups experience to the song. Because of that, I’d love to know your songwriting process for “Felixstowe.”

ERVIN: “Felixstowe” emerged from a very personal place. It captures the raw emotion and vulnerability that comes with the end of a relationship. Some inspiration came from two chords played at the start of ‘Old Man’ by Neil Young. They helped plant the seed, and it allowed me to write something that felt both familiar and new. I used the word “Felixstowe” as a placeholder word whilst writing the lyrics – it had the right number of syllables and rhythm. But the word stuck.


Q: Please tell me how Felixstowe inspired the sound.

ERVIN: Once the placeholder word “Felixstowe” became permanent, I had to research the town. I established that it was a port town with a ferry, and I imagined a grey, somewhat dark town (in terms of mood). I also set the song in the rain, which made the whole mood even sadder and drabber (if that’s a word!). The song plays out with a powerful drum solo against a background of a ferry leaving and port town sounds. I imagined a warehouse at the port with a lone drummer trying to express their sadness and anger.


Q: What was your favorite part about writing the song?

ERVIN: I love the verse chords. I think they create a dark mood. I listened to ‘Old Man’ and, in particular, the F and the D chords, and created my own chord sequence (D, F, G, F etc). Everything really flowed from there. The song also sounds great live.


Q: How do you want people to think or feel when listening to “Felixstowe”

ERVIN: I’d like them to picture the town in the rain and feel the sadness of the person being left behind.


Q: Will “Felixstowe” be a part of a larger project, like an album?

ERVIN: I released my debut album, Broken Compass, in December 2023. “Felixstowe,” along with my previous release, Chase the Moon, will be on my upcoming, as yet untitled, album, which is aimed for release in early 2025. I will be releasing more singles between now and then.


Q: What do you have to say to your listeners out there?

ERVIN: If you like my songs, play them and spread the word. It’s tough for indie musicians to make a go of things in this business. We need fans to follow and help promote us so that we have a chance of getting the break we seek. Even if we never get that break, knowing that a growing number of people like my songs gives me the impetus to carry on writing and releasing.

Also, obviously, visit my website and sign up for my newsletter.

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