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“In Too Deep” by Eddie Witz and The Most High

Any song from Eddie Witz and The Most High will be a breathtaking experience because every element in his songs invokes feelings of nostalgia and wonder, and his latest, “In Too Deep,” accomplishes that. His music has a profound emotional impact on the listener, making it a must-listen for any music enthusiast.

Eddie effortlessly worms his way into the listeners’ hearts at the start of “In Too Deep” through balmy acoustic guitar notes and vocals before building from the murkiest part of the song, the verses, to the chorus, a bright and powerful moment in the track.

Eddie’s lyrics and instrumentals in the chorus emit rays of hope, convincing one that their life’s journey with obstacles, anxiety, heartache, and more could ameliorate—Eddie’s a living example! Amid the challenges of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, Eddie’s resilience shines through. He refused to let his adversity define him and turned to music for restoration, a story that inspires hope and resilience in all who hear it.

In many of his tracks, especially in “In Too Deep,” Eddie blends world music with reggae, pop, and soul, and each one impacts the listener emotionally differently. From the soulful introspection of the verses to the uplifting power of the chorus, Eddie’s music is a diverse and engaging emotional experience. So, know there will never be a dull moment when listening to an Eddie Witz and The Most High song!


Written by Taylor Berry

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