“So Sweet” by The Harbours

“So Sweet,” the fun-loving, upbeat new track from indie-pop band The Habours, is guaranteed to captivate any listener with their lively, summery tune. The flirtatious song features a lighthearted instrumental featuring jangly guitars, drums, and clever lyrics that capture the core of innocent romance and easygoing summer days. The song feels like floating on a cloud with no worries in the world–a child-like wonder that the song possesses.

The Harbours, a recently formed indie-rock duo, have already piqued the interest of listeners with their unique sound and poppy melodies. Lead vocalist Ollie Drakard and lead guitarist Will Massarella-Tyler have crafted an enchanting sound that stands out in the indie-rock scene, proving that they don’t need anyone else to complete their musical journey.

“So Sweet,” kicks off with an upbeat instrumental, reminiscent of early 2000s indie-pop bands, a sound that has been long dispapated. This nostalgic sound is the first burst of magnetic energy, but The Harbours infuse a fresh, modern take on the genre, adding a unique twist to the indie-pop scene. Singer Ollie’s cadence of his speech makes it impossible to not listen to the witty lyrics, discussing an innocent crush, highlighting the blissful feeling of falling for someone for the first time.

The duo’s journey began in their first year at University in 2020, during the early days of COVID-19. Locked down in their dorms, they, along with others in their hall, would play music for hours. This shared passion eventually led to the formation of The Harbours. During their college years, the duo performed over 40 live shows, honing their craft. Now, graduated and fully prepared, they are set to embark on a full-time music career, creating and releasing music for their growing fan base. 

Listen to “So Sweet,” available on major music streaming platforms.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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