Nectarine by MELO RELO is a three-song EP that showcases the artists unique, groove-worthy style in a trifecta of perfectly produced chapters. Melding elements of R&B with unexpected electronic effects make MELO RELO’s music engaging from the first beat.

The first song on the EP “OTW” begins with an intro that treads the line between R&B and electronica. The singer’s voice is relaxed and conversational as he sings over the underlying groove “I’ll tell you on the way”. The second song “Like Whoa” is a little less R&B and a bit more hip hop. With repetitive instrumentation, the song begins as a pensive tune before evolving into a fast-paced, motivated message with a mid-song mix-up. The songs ends back on a moderate groove creating the perfect lead-in for the final song, “Feel”. “Feel” is a straight-up jam with R&B harmonies, pop beats, and percussive electric guitar driving the tune. This feel-good track is the perfect wrap up for the EP as MELO RELO leaves you with a hopeful spoken message seemingly torn from the songwriter’s journal.

Based in Maryland, MELO RELO is making waves with his unique style melding R&B and electronic influences with his experience as a singer and songwriter. The three songs that make up Nectarine were all written and produced during quarantine in 2020 and showcase the musician’s vast range (in the categories of both vocal and genre), unique perspective, and creative vision. MELO RELO is certainly on his way.

Written by Katrina Charles


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