“Time to Kill” by IV Collin

A new single titled “Time to Kill,” by Hip Hop artist IV Collin is a confident clap back anthem against unruly gossip. For anyone who has experienced rumors, “Time to Kill” is a positive and creative response to people’s unkind slander/belittlement. With slick magnetic words, IV Collin shrugs off any cynicism that comes his way. The song explains that he only pays attention to the grind and lets the distant chatter of people’s judgmental whispers fade into the background. With his dreams and goals in mind, IV Collin clearly states in his song, 

There’s nothing you ever said, I ain’t already know about myself, …

Suggesting that he is his own hardest critic, and he leaves no room to be phased by others. This song is about challenging oneself through artistry and passion. The track displays easy transitions between lyrics and possesses a grounded word flow. This catchy single is all about staying focused while encouraging listeners to keep the faith, not letting others affect their spiritual and monetary wealth. In a time of social media, everyone is familiar with the phenomenon of rumors, resentful attention, and untrue statements. When it comes to rumors, it’s easy to think, “where did they get this info from?” IV Collin reels in his hook and suggests perhaps people have too much Time to Kill.

Rock with this single and create a protective shield of positivity that no one else can penetrate. Let this be the anthem that keeps your path straight and narrow. This upcoming artist conveys charismatic, self-assertive energy, letting negativity said behind closed doors roll easily off his shoulders, teaching his fans a valuable lesson – The only opinion that matters is your own

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno





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