“Hypnotise Ya” by Elizmi Haze

There are a few things guaranteed to be at a club; music, people dancing… people watching those people dancing. It is an inevitability, but “Hypnotise Ya” talks about how women can use this to their advantage. With an infectious hook and a beat to match it, this song is sure to stay stuck in your head for hours. The bouncy bass synth helps to push the song along allowing for a truly memorable performance.

Empowerment and sex appeal drive the song creating the same atmosphere that mega pop stars like Rhianna and Beyonce make. Delivering confident lyrics over the track seems to come with ease and Elizmi Haze is aware of it. Lyrics like “I’m the star of the show now” pepper the song reinforcing the message.

When the rap verse came in I was pleasantly surprised; pop stars rapping can be a dangerous combo. Between the flow and rhyme schemes however, Elizmi demonstrates her versatility with both singing and rapping. The verse directly confronts the unnamed “you” and sets the record straight on the power dynamic.

The production on the track sounds incredible. Each voice speaks clearly and nothing gets swallowed or muffled. Chopped vocal samples support the rotund synthesizers that shape the song. From the splash to the rolling hi-hats every contribution from the drum machine sounds deliberate and compliments the vocals.

Elizmi transitions between styles effortlessly delivering the hooks with passion and matching that energy while rapping. From the first entrance to the last, the vocals punch and leave the listener stunned. This song is seriously addicting.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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