“The Key” by Lora Tucci

Anybody who has walked past a club knows it. Between the pounding bass and the lines standing outside it speaks for itself. In her new song “The Key”, New York pop artist Lora Tucci has managed to capture that essence. Right out of the gates the song mimics the doors opening and the rush of music and energy that hits you.

I couldn’t help but catch myself moving along to the music almost instantly. The groove provided by the synths and strings is just contagious. Fun piano harmonies bolster this foundation and help the drums provide the rhythmic support for Lora’s vocals. Sounding elegant and passionate her performance helps drive the song. Lyrics of love match the upbeat vibe and provide something to relate to.

From the string hits to the sawtooth synthesizers there was constant innovation. Whenever Lora entered it was apparent she was having fun. She sounds just as at ease singing over claps as she does the rhythm of the chorus. All of the post-production work brings out her strengths and puts them on full display. Light reverb helps set the scene of a club fantastically.

The piano breakdown was both refreshing and interesting. It provided just enough to keep the listener engaged, but didn’t overshadow anything else. Similarly, throughout the build and drop the engineering kept everything moving along without detracting from the melody. Parts of the song give off 80’s vibes, sounding almost like something Cyndi Lauper would have made. Others feel undeniably modern, for instance when the beat dropped. Above all, it’s the combination of these that kept me coming back.

Written by Tyler Roberts





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