“Little Girl” by Lil Idli

Our younger selves have an impact on our lives. Proof? What did you dream of being once you reached adulthood? Are you pursuing it now? If so, congratulations. You’ve allowed your inner child to keep you on that path. If not, you’ve felt that you’ve failed your younger self (unless you dreamed of being something bizarre like a piece of fruit). Whether you’ve pursued those dreams or not, you’ve felt like you owe it to yourself and the people who have given up so much for you.

Chicago-based indie-pop band LIL IDLI beautifully expresses this idea in their debut single, “Little Girl.” The single is expected to be on their first album titled “Mitochondria,” which will be released this fall.

With rich synths and groovy percussion, the jazzy track successfully captivates the listener’s attention. The way the instrumentation and vocals blend without one overpowering the other sort of gives you a two for one deal – while the rhythm and flow of the song course through your veins, causing you to sway, you feel the lyrics’ meaning in the depths of your soul.

The lead vocals are incredibly soulful and beautiful. The dynamics in the vocals are the reason why you don’t want the song to end.

“Little Girl” is such a powerful song. Based on this piece, there’s no doubt that the other songs on the upcoming album will impress, and we’re excited to see the direction in which the band takes the album.

Written by Taylor Berry

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