“Cancer Woman” by Trav B Ryan

Trav B loves to make people happy, it’s his main influence on how he makes his music. Trav and Blanq Beatz linked up and recorded “Cancer Woman” in Brooklyn, NY. ” Cancer women is one part of a collection of zodiac signs, that was created to make women feel powerful.

“Cancer Woman” gives you a new age feel, and a very west coast vibe, the song also makes you feel confident while keeping it fun. According to Trav B. “this song is about giving women, under the cancer zodiac sign, their flowers. It’s about making them feel sexy and confident, even at their lowest point.”

Although I am not a cancer, this song made me feel like I could conquer my day. The zodiac collection is dedicated to the different signs and different women, Trav B does an amazing job at portraying the signs accurately. Trav has been putting in a lot of work and it shows through his social media following of +75k and his viral video “Virgo Woman” that is currently trending for a million views. In addition to that he appeared on the podcast “Brunch With Besties, MSNBC, and News 12.

Being able to relate to a song is the key to a good song, Trav does job at making you relate by targeting a certain audience i.e your zodiac sign. With his inspiring lyrics, it’s no wonder that he reaches the masses. “Be yourself. Thats the best thing you can ever do” – Trav B Ryan

Written by Jaye Maverick




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